We’re Getting MUDDY for a cause!

August is upon us! As summer winds down and fall comes around the corner, we hope you’ve soaked in enough sun to last a year. But whether you’ve had your fill of fun or not, there’s one more event you can’t afford to miss. Feel free to either cheer or join in on the fun as our team battles it out in the MudGirl 5K in Colorado Springs. The date? August 13. We’ll be rooting for ourselves!

Meanwhile, you already know what time it is with the NFL football season coming up. Kudos for guessing it right! With the NFL preseason starting August 4, its time to sign-up for TireSocks NFL Pick’em Pool. As always, it’s FREE to participate, so don’t miss out on your chance to win $$$, swag and bragging rights! Details and the sign-up link are available below.