How to Install DripDiapers®

Leaks from interior construction equipment may be inevitable, but the headaches caused by extra clean-up and the damage they do to your floors don’t have to be. Designed with a high-volume absorbtivet pad at the center, our DripDiapers® are the cost-effective solution that collects leaking fluids from the chassis of scissor lifts and other construction equipment. 

Installation is a breeze thanks to our included install kit and adjustable bungees with magnetic attachment points. With our seven standard sizes and three pre-cut sizes, you can custom fit your DripDiapers® to any piece of equipment leaving you with reliable floor protection that moves with your machines. 

DripDiapers Installation Guide

As you install your DripDiaper®, it’s important to adjust your magnet and clip locations when necessary to ensure a proper fit and avoid leaks. 

1. Spread the DripDiaper® out in front of your machine with the absorbent pad facing up.

2. Drive into the DripDiaper, centering the machine over top, and use the included scissors to notch the edges of the DripDiaper® where your tire cutouts will go. Leave a two-inch minimum clearance around each tire.

3. Back the machine off the DripDiaper® and complete your tire cutouts.

4. Slide the DripDiaper under the machine again, ensuring that the absorptive pad is still facing up and the tires sit in the cutouts.

5. Attach the clip end of each bungee assembly to the exposed outside edges of the DripDiaper®.

6. Place magnets on your machine near bungee assemblies and attach the hook end of each bungee to the magnet.

Remember to leave some slack in your magnet placement so you can still allow proper operation of pothole protectors. Never attach products to moving machine parts involved in the raising or lowering of platforms.

How to Install AerialShields®

Protect your own equipment or rental machinery from unsightly paint over-spray, spills, and splatters with our AerialShields. AerialShields keep equipment looking new and help you avoid costly cleaning, damage or repainting fees. Made from light, durable materials, our AerialShields® are quick to install so you can stay on schedule.

AerialShields Installation Guide

1. Make sure the equipment basket is clear of tools and debris. Fully extend your platform to ensure a proper fit.

2. Take the AerialShield and removable door from the package. Don’t unfold the AerialShield. Set the door with the yellow caution strip aside.

3. With the folded AerialShield, enter the lift. Starting at the furthest end of the platform from the entrance, lay the folded AerialShield on the platform floor with the black base facing down. Gradually unroll toward the entryway with the black base laying flat along the length of the platform.

4. Lift the left and right sides of the AerialShield and step onto the black platform base.

5. Separate the velcro on the AerialShield and stretch the bungee over the bar above the entry point, pulling it down about 6-8”.

6. Stretch the bungee over the sides and far end of the basket.

7. Exit the machine, then pull the bungee down around the platform base.

8. Straighten the velcro around the entry.

9. Separate the velcro strip on the removable door and center it over the entryway with the yellow caution portion at the top.

10. Close the velcro strip on the removable door, and you’re done!

If your basket has a full or half door, make sure the bottom layer of your AerialShield goes under the door before fastening the velcro around the hinges. Check that your door still opens and closes properly, adjusting the AerialShield and velcro accordingly when necessary.

How to Install SafetyPads®

Protect your machinery and keep contractors safe with SafetyPads®. Made from durable, light-weight foam and clearly marked with OSHA compliant yellow and black caution markings, SafetyPads® attach easily to scissor lifts, boom lifts, and other types of construction equipment. Each SafetyPad® can be installed in seconds so you can save time and get back to the project at hand.


SafetyPads Installation Guide

1. Unzip and remove the black and yellow cover, and set it aside.

2. Slit the foam pad at the scored seam and fit it over the entry or basket bar(s).

3. Place the cover over the foam and zip closed.

4. Rotate the cover so your logo is right side up and facing out so it can easily be read.

How to Install AerialJackets®

Equipment can easily be damaged by the elements, dust, debris while stored or during transport. Avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs with AerialJackets for your scissor lifts, boom baskets, and control boxes. Made from high-quality, water-resistant material, AerialJackets® provide the protection your machinery needs.

Each AerialJacket® is easy to install and includes a retractable lock to prevent unwanted use and theft when not actively in use.


AerialJackets Installation Guide

1. Stretch the AerialJacket over the machine lengthwise, making sure that the opening is toward the entry point. 

2. Once you have covered the machine, straighten, secure, and zip to close the cover.

3. To secure the cover to the machine, run the retractable lock through the grommet holes and zipper pull at the base of the AerialJacket.

To further secure the AerialsJacket, slide the included bungee under the lift or basket and secure each hook to the grommets located on either side of the base of the cover.

How to Install TireSocks®

Avoid clean-up and costly surface and flooring repairs by using TireSocks®. Our non-marking tire covers keep your job site clean, damage free, and your project on schedule and on budget.

Made from high-quality, durable material, TireSocks® easily slip on over your wheels, providing the protection your floor and bottom line need. To get the most life out of your TireSocks, only use them on interior surfaces that are dry, level, and only turn the tires when the equipment is in motion.

TireSocks Installation Guide

As you begin to install your TireSocks®, make sure that no part of the red center is overlapping your tire’s tread and don’t drive on the seam. Proper fit and installation help your TireSocks to last longer.

1. Stretch the top half of the TireSock over each tire. The TireSocks should only stretch over the back side of the tire by 1-2 inches.

2. Turn the machine ON and drive forward just enough to rotate the tires 180 degrees.

3. Stretch the remaining half of each TireSock over the rest of the tire to complete installation.

When you’re ready to remove your TireSocks®, pull down the top section of each sock, drive forward as you did with installation, then slip off the rest.