Tire Covers And Their Benefits

What is a tire cover? Well, it’s a cover designed for tires to keep the sunlight and dirt away from the tire, wheel, and rim. For example, when your car is parked outside, it is under constant elements from mother nature, from rain, snow, wind, and dust, to the direct heat from the summer sunlight.  

Let’s break this down to see what exactly we are trying to protect.

Your wheel is more than likely made from steel or aluminum and often painted. Your wheel will not last if left unprotected; your paint will fade and peel, causing you to have to repaint-it or, worse, replace it.

When you look inside the wheel, you will see the brake drum or disc; generally, this is made from cast iron and is not useful over time in the elements. When your brakes get rusty, that means you will need a strip down and or have them replaced.  

Inside your brakes or disc, you have wheel bearings, your bearings are usually well greased, and they have a seal intended to keep water out, which is great when your car is new.

If you have an old classic car, then no matter what, water will find its way into the bearings if the breaks are old. Repairs and or replacements are the only way around this at this point, again costing money.

Don’t forget about the the individuals. Lots of people have winter tires  and summer tires, and they rotate them based on seasons. When the tires are not in use, they will either leave them in the garage or a shed. By covering them up, you are still protecting them and yourself from rubbing up against them and getting dirty.

Now on to the tires. We all know how much tires can cost, and we don’t like replacing them, so why would you leave your car parked outside all year with the sun beating down on it? Of course, once summer is over, the winter cold sets in, and off we go again. This is a never-ending heating and cooling revolving story on a rubber material that is very heat absorbent. 

When you drive your car, the tiers are always moving, so the tire is less likely to get the full brunt of the direct sun, but when parked for extended periods is when the damage starts to set in.

Of course, this all could be avoided.

Now you should start to understand why a simple cover that fits over the wheel and tire should keep all of the above from happening and help keep your tires in better condition and over time, saving you time and money.

We spent time talking about protecting tires and wheels; now, what about the ground? Many locations include garages that people have spent a lot of time and money to have the concrete stained or polished. The same goes for car dealerships.

When you drive a car on polished concrete to tile with  unprotected tires, you will see the concrete’s tire marks and small sid marks. If you have taken the time and money to create this beautiful floor, the last thing you want is to have it scuffed up.  

Tire marks are also noticeable at showrooms in convention centers. They have carpet on their floors and require that cars and trucks come in with tire covers to protect their floors. This is not just for cars, but you will see them on forklifts and any other power machines with wheels where the floor needs to be protected.

This is why so many people invest in tire covers to help protect the wheels, tires, and floors. So no matter what your reason for seeking out tire covers might be, you will be helping protect your assets by covering them up.

So no matter what tire size you have, there is a cover to fit it, and you can even have it designed with your company logo printed on it for branding purposes.