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Do you use a forklift regularly? Are you tired of punctures, scratches, and other damage to products and surfaces during material handling? Then our ForkSocks® are a must-have in every warehouse. Made from heavy-duty material surrounding a 2.0 mm woven core, our forklift fork covers are highly durable and attach securely, ensuring your goods and equipment are always protected.

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Vertical Protection

Vertical ForkSocks

Use our vertical ForkSocks in addition to our standard ForkSocks for added surface protection when handling fragile or sensitive materials.

Forksocks Features and Benefits

ForkSocks, sometimes known as forklift fork protection sleeves, fork protectors, and forklift socks, are the most reliable and dependable product on the market today. Designed to fit various fork types and tapers, ForkSocks provide effective protection during material handling from scratching, rubbing, and punctures due to sharp fork tips. Our ForkSocks are produced with high-quality materials to withstand heavy use and are manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in Englewood, CO.

  • Made in the USA
  • Forklift fork covers are easy to install–simply slide on with pull tabs
  • Vertical stretch so one-size fits multiple heights and style of fork tapers.
  • Long lasting, heavy-duty with a 2mm woven core.
  • Made to fit any size fork
  • Easy to clean with power washer or industrial washing machine.
  • Fork protectors are tough and durable enough to withstand any job site
  • Protects forks and materials


Are the bungee assemblies included with ForkSocks?

Yes, 2 – 14″ bungee assemblies are included with each pair of ForkSocks. Bungee assemblies provide extra protection so that your ForkSocks won’t slip off. You can purchase additional hook-to-hook bungee assemblies here.

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