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Equipment repairs can be costly, time-consuming, and can delay your projects. Besides normal wear and tear from use, environmental elements can contribute to equipment damage. A high-quality equipment cover, such as a boom lift cover, is a cost-effective way to keep your boom lift in tip-top shape, increasing the return on your investment.

TireSocks’ AerialJackets are manufactured with heavy-duty, water-resistant material that protects your boom lift from the elements. This cover is easy to install and provides access to controls and charging ports without having to remove it. The AerialJackets also come with anti-theft technology featuring retractable locks that deter unwanted equipment use. This will be the only boom lift cover you’ll need on-site.

Personalize your aerial lift jacket or boom lift cover with your custom company logo and always stand out on the job site.

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Custom Logo Upgrade

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Distributors can customize AerialJackets with your company logo at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE*. Custom logos offer a unique branding opportunity that will set your equipment apart from the rest! In addition, the extra job site exposure gained is a valuable marketing tool.

*One-time set up fee

AerialJackets Image

AerialJackets, sometimes referred to as equipment covers, scissor lift covers, boom lift basket covers, control box covers, or equip covers offer several advantages over similar products. Effective and durable, AerialJackets protect scissor lifts, control boxes and boom baskets as well as their controls from indoor and outdoor contaminants such as dust, grime, water, snow, ice, sun, and wind.  All of these elements threaten the equipment contractors depend on. If even one piece of equipment is damaged or out of service, it can significantly impact a project. As a contractor, it is important to keep the equipment that is on your jobsite, as well as equipment not currently in use, protected. AerialJackets are constructed of heavy-duty, water-resistant material, are easy to install and include a retractable lock to prevent unwanted use and theft. The design allows easy access to controls and charging ports without removing the cover. In addition to the protective applications, AerialJackets are a great option to keep machines that must be stored on a jobsite from becoming an eyesore with your custom full-color logo. AerialJackets are manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in Englewood, CO. Manufacturing on site allows us the ability to fit any pieces of equipment. You can worry about your job and we’ll take care of the fit.

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install
  • Custom sized to fit specific machine
  • Allows access to controls and charging ports
  • Retractable lock to prevent unwanted use and theft
  • No tarps to try to secure or tie down
  • Bungee base for a secure fit
  • Saves controls from water damage
  • Fully protects stored machine
  • Customizable with your company logo


Is the material waterproof?

Yes, they are constructed of heavy-duty, water resistant material that will help keep your equipment looking great.

Do you have the AerialJackets in stock?

The turnaround time is one additional day in production from order date.

*Quantities may affect the turnaround time.

Can I put my company logo or my customer’s logo on the AerialJackets?

Yes, you can print the company logo or a customer’s logo on the AerialJackets. The logo on the AerialJackets can be printed in color!

*There is a onetime set up fee, but after this there will be no charge as long as the logo is used at least once a year.

How long do they last?

It depends on how they are stored inside or outside. Customers should get at least 1 year out of them minimum.

AerialJackets are constructed to protect your equipment from the elements, dust and debris. The time that you get on the product varies from customer to customer. Depending on the elements that the product is put up against affects the time the AerialJackets last.

What material are they made out of?

Nylon fiber fabric as the base material. For the Fitting Device: Shock Cord (Bungee) of latex rubber core with braided cotton or nylon yarn covering, fitted with hook at each end.

Can I get my logo printed on AerialShields?

The logo option is not offered for AerialShields at this time. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on product developments.

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