Heatwaves, summer events, and TireSocks

Wow, what a heat wave last month! June brought thirteen 90-degree days to Denver and the earliest 100-degree day on record. Hope you’re all staying hydrated during this busy construction season. We enjoyed a nice long weekend and hope you had a fun and relaxing Independence Day as well!

As we embark on July, we’re excited to be getting out of the office for a few fun events, like the MudGirl 5K Obstacle course, a cornhole tournament here in Denver and a golf tournament in Washington. We look forward to meeting and seeing some of you at these events!

Our featured product for this month is TireSocks. If you’re lucky enough to be working inside during these heat waves, make sure your finished floor is protected. TireSocks protect flooring from scuffs, scratches and marks left behind by rubber and residue from non-marking tires.