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  1. We are a commercial construction company, as well as an equipment rental company looking to start using a product to protect finished concrete work and keep jobs such as hospitals and warehouses clean.

  2. Would we be able to get a Sample of the fork sox. Our main concerns are the density and the protection on the tips and are they tough enough taking any abuse tips scraped on the ground. Our company has 12 forklifts just in division. There are most likely 80 forklifts through out our division. If this works out for us the is potential for larger orders if we prove this product works and is durable for our process.
    The first forklift we are trying to fit sox too is 60 L x 5 W x 1 3/4 H.
    If for some reason we have to go thru a local distributor here in ELKHART Indiana we would have to know who that would be as well . Currently we are using MSC . Have no problem buying directly from you either. Also We are one of the largest Aluminum Extrusion suppliers to the RV industries in the ELKHART area.
    Thank You !

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