Campfire Tales & Touchdowns!

We’re pumped up as we roll through August still riding high from our 11th Annual Tiresocks Campout. We hold the event at the beautiful Wellington Lake in Bailey, CO and we had a blast! As a team, we enjoyed friendly competition, a raffle with the help of the best assistants around, and of course, some campfire camaraderie while we sipped on some cold ones. It was the perfect opportunity to hang out and bond outside of the normal daily hustle. Check out some of our campout shenanigans here.

All Fired Up and ForkSocks

We hope you had a fantastic 4th of July and that your business is booming this summer! We’re not just about business at TireSocks though.  We believe in fostering strong bonds and creating great moments for our team.  This month we’re all fired up for our 11th annual TS campout.  We escape the hustle & bustle, enjoy a few cold ones, some great food, fun games and just connect.  It really doesn’t get much better than that! Stay tuned for photographic evidence of our shenanigans in next month’s newsletter.

Heat of the Season

Welcome to summer and safety.  As it should be in construction, safety is a priority at every jobsite.   June signifies the beginning of the summer construction rush and is also National Safety Month.  The industry is encouraged to increase focus on accident prevention by working to raise awareness around the leading causes of preventable injury.  Just as projects heat up at this time of year, so does the weather.  Make sure your people are familiar with summer specific safety practices as well, including proper hydration guidelines, heat stress prevention measures, and the use of personal protective equipment suitable for the hotter weather.  Check out more in “6 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer.” There are some great reminders and perhaps you’ll even learn something new.

Sock it to leaks with DripDiapers!

As the summer approaches and the construction season gets into full swing, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Managing teams, juggling schedules, and keeping your job sites safe and clean can be a challenge, but we’re here to help.


Spring is officially on its way and there is a lot to be excited about, especially with the warmer weather on the horizon. Speaking of warmer weather, we had the opportunity to go to the 2023 ARA Trade Show in Orlando last month. Our team was able to meet and interact with a ton of our customers and it was so great spending time with all of you. We can’t wait for next year’s show already!

The border between winter and spring!

We want to start by thanking everyone who participated in our 6th annual Pick ’em Pool! This year’s NFL season was a wild ride: Tom Brady coming out of retirement, Mr. Irrelevant (Brock Purdy) taking the 49ers to the NFC Championship, the Texans winning the last week of the season to lose #1 pick, etc. Overall there was a ton of memorable moments this NFL season and we want to thank you for being apart of our Pick ’em Pool!

New Year, New Opportunities

Exponentially, some years feel like more than one year, are we right? 2022 was one of those for us, and we’re proud to have survived the longest, most exhausting year we can recall. However, we prevailed by embracing our inner zombie and using our inner Mike Tyson—the one who famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Happy Camping!

Another Summer is almost in the books along with another shenanigan filled annual camp out for the TS Crew.

Get the Scoop!

June 21st and the official start to summer are right around the corner.  We hope as the world returns to a bit of normalcy, you are back to making plans for summer vacations and some time with your families.  We are planning our annual company campout and truly can’t wait!  As always, we’ll be sure to share the photo evidence of the TS Crew shenanigans with all of you.  Whatever your plans, personal or professional, we encourage you to keep safety in mind.

June is National Safety Month and in the spirit of that, SafetyPads are in the product spotlight.  Avoid nasty bumps on the head, back, or neck when entering and exiting your equipment and add a consistent professional look to your fleet. Check out our June newsletter to learn more.

Fall, AerialJackets and Pick’em Pool Update!

Summer, our favorite time of year, is officially over. We’re pushing our flip flops to the back of the closet and searching for some long sleeves. No need to have the blues though. Fall brings cooler weather, the fresh scent of pumpkin spice and football. Check out our annual pick ‘em pool contest here for current standings.